Wrate Architecture: Inspired by Louis Sullivan

Regarded as one of America’s most influential architects, Louis Sullivan has inspired architects worldwide to design some of the most dramatic skyscrapers, facades, and decorative elements.

It is no secret that architect Lisa Wrate has a special place in her heart and mind for Louis Sullivan. Lisa’ inspiration on the designs created by Sullivan started during the time of her architectural studies. Then, as she progressed through her architectural career, Lisa applied that inspiration to her own work—thus perpetuating the influence in many of her architectural projects. And to this day, Louis Sullivan has remained a constant in her architectural practice.

Louis Sullivan’s influence on Lisa Wrate’s architectural work is most noticeable in buildings where property owners want to preserve the original architectural style, but with a more updated facade. That said, preserving the historical integrity of buildings is a tenet of Lisa Wrate’s architectural practice. Furthermore, the integration of design ornaments and other architectural elements, allows Lisa to continue Louis Sullivan’s architectural legacy.

Without question, Lisa Wrate’s architectural firm can bring the classic influence of Louis Sullivan and his contemporaries—namely those who follow the Prairie School architectural style–to your own building. Consider setting up an appointment with architect Lisa Wrate to explore the needs of your architectural project. Our experience and knowledge is complemented by the passion for architectural design that our team applies from start to finish. Trust Lisa Wrate Architect, PLLC for your next project and see your property shine.

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